How to get your name on Wikipedia

That’s what I’ve been pondering over these past few days. What will I have to do to get a Wikipedia page. And so. Together with a friend, whose page you can find here, I came up with a list of 10 ways to accomplish that.

1. Become a famous troll on the net.

2. Invent Internet abreviations such as noob, gtfo, stfu, pmsl (p*ssing myself laughing), wibamu (well, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle!).

3 Build a house out of discarded soda cans (because a normal hobby just won’t do).

4. Pose as a detective and leak sensitive information to the public.

5.  Involve yourself in a serious and risk taking activities that will probably get you killed (but look at the bright side: you’ll be a famous corpse if that happens).

6. Become a genius over night and invent something or just steal someone else’s idea, wichever works for you and your brain capacity.

7.  Finally locate the end of a rainbow and catch a leprechaun.

8. Have sex with celebrities then talk to the press.

9. Apear on tv and speak in a very idiotic manner so that ppl will copy you and you will be a famous dumbass (see pluralul de la telecomanda or bed intruder and the song made after it).

10. Drink your own piss on tv like Bear Grylls.

And a little something for my fellow Romanian readers:

* Find Elodia!


~ by Iulia P. on May 24, 2011.

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